Tracey is a Sustainable Lifestyle Leader and author.  She is also a certified Transformational Life Coach, as well as a health/life and wellness advisor for more than 25 years. In addition, she is a renowned public speaker on the subject of sustainability in the fashion industry.

Tracey is a designer and founded her own line of bags by the name of Threads of Evolution. Where she uses US based artisans, plant based dyes, and a complete transparent source supply chain approach.

Tracey has maintained her mission of helping others in any way that she can. She has spoken across the country to young fashion student’s about the dangers of current toxins used by today’s apparel giants. As well as the educating and elevating the consciousness of todays consumers so they can make completely informed buying decisions. Having worked in the fashion industry herself for more than 19 years, with three successful brands under her belt; responsible manufacturing is nothing new to this disruptive thought leader.

Frustrated with the lack of transparency in the current “organic/low impact” dye process, Tracey decided to take matters into her own hands and partnered with the leaders in the organic dye world to create De La Terre Colours, which is GOT certified, plant based dyes, De La Terre Colours is 100% organic and truly groundbreaking in the apparel industry.

“Tracey’s mission is simple, to protect our natural resources, planet, and our most precious resource: humankind.”


In her book on sustainable living, Tracey sparks a conscious conversation amongst brands and consumers about the evolving world of fashion, art, food and lifestyle.


Martin presents her line of sustainably produced handbags under the name Threads of Evolution. These artisan made works are all produced using Chindi rugs.


Tracey has a unique skill set. Some of her clients call her the ultimate coach. She has also assembled an elite team of unique individuals with whom she works with. The process is orchestrated and aligned through a collaborative effort to insure the maximum growth for each client.


Tracey Martin tours the country speaking with students and open audiences about personal empowerment, goal fulfillment, green manufacturing and ecological awareness – all leading to a sustained lifestyle of health, happiness and service.

“To create change in your life you must remain willing, open and teachable”

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tracey’s new book, sustainable in stilettos   “a stylish guide to navigating the evolving world of fashion and beyond.”

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“Sustainability is our collective responsibility.”

— Tracey Martin

Sustainable in Stilettos is a landing spot for information, laughter and insight into a more sustainable way of life.

“As a designer and speaker on the importance of sustainable and ethical fashion, I never alienate or judge. It is always through education and invitation that I hope to reach people and inspire change. ”

— Tracey Martin

De La Terre Colours is a  GOTS certified plant based dyes for the fashion and textile industry. Specifically formulated for large scale production.

“We want to create the most positive impact within the  industry”

“I would rather ask important questions and risk offending someone than not ask and have regrets. ”

— Tracey Martin

Threads of Evolution is a curated sustainable luxury marketplace. “We have searched and curated items from around the globe” “Our goal is to honor the artisan, invite a more mindful way of living and do it with the highest level of sustainablity.”

“Once we know the truth, we must become mobilized into action instead of paralyzed by complacency.”

— Tracey Martin